aving enjoyed a long, exciting day of exploring temples and jungles in Cambodia, you're exhausted and ready to take some respite from the tropical heat. The first stop is your uniquely decorated room. Entering a total climate change, you take in a deep breath of refreshing, cool air. You kick off your shoes and spread yourself across your king-sized bed, unable to find the edge in either direction. The cool, soft blanket and pillows absorb some of the heat you've endured through the day, giving you a new revitalized energy. It's confirmed: this will be the perfect solitude for slumber this evening. But first, you have some exploring and the night is young...

  • Standard
  • Superior
  • Deluxe
  • Family
  • Riviera Suite

King-sized Bed
Regular Price: US$ 90.00


Two Queen-sized Beds
US$ 100.00

Two Queen-sized Beds
US$ 110.00

One King-sized Bed and Two Queen-sized Beds
US$ 140.00

One King-sized Bed and Living Area
US$ 130.00

Amenities and Features

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