ntering the pool area, you find a poolside lounge chair and request your favorite cocktail. After taking a few indulging sips, you arise and take a stroll through our beautiful courtyard, admiring the landscape and beauty of Cambodian foliage found all throughout. As you cross the mini-bridge over our fountain, you find yourself staring at peculiar native flowers. Feeling daring, you take a whiff of the romdoul and find it uniquely pleasant, yet exotic.


urning around you plunge into our pool, feeling the cool water in contrast with the warm air. Swimming the span a few times, you're ready to continue your exploration.


anting to lift the fatigue from your long, grueling flight, you head to our gym, where you find all the equipment needed to perform your workout routine.


aving completed your workout, a sense of accomplishment overtakes you, the culmination of your hard work. You head to the sauna to relax and revitalize your skin and muscles.
After showering, you find yourself fully refreshed and head around the corner to our salon and spa.


ou lie down on a chair as the masseuse takes hold of your foot, compressing and rubbing, slowly working out any tension like a skilled potter works out hard clumps in clay. As pent up pressure eases out, you note aromas of an herbal blend faintly filling the room. Taking utmost care and skill, your masseuse breaks up a muscle knot in your lower foot that had been there for months, sending you into a deeper state of relaxation. Feeling somewhat intoxicated, you receive a glass of cool, refreshing, purified water to help absorb the acids released from your muscles and restore you back to equilibrium before finding yourself being led to the salon to be prepped and pampered.


fter receiving your directions, several staff whir around you and almost simultaneously perform a manicure, pedicure, haircut and facial. After what seems like only moments, you take a look in the mirror to find a new, fresh you. Ready to face the world again, you thank our staff and find your way to the restaurant.


ntering our restaurant, the aroma of fresh baked bread and ground espresso beans fill the air. A waiter shows you to a table and asks for your preference of tea or coffee. Your first buffet stop is our salad bar station, where fresh fruits and vegetables paint a masterful combination of colors. Next you find yourself at our custom omelette station, where our chef asks for your made to order specifications. You then find yourself at our noodle station, where you find many choices and combinations of noodles and soups made to order by our chef.


fter round one, you're prepared to explore our main buffet which ranges from pancakes and sausage to pad thai noodles and stir-fried vegetables.


inally, our bakery station lures you where we serve whole grain breads and pastries to fit everyones tastes.


uring the holidays of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, we celebrate with our guests. We invite you to take part in games, live music, and great tasting cuisine. During Christmas Eve, we bring in a church choir to entertain our guests. On New Years Eve, we host a live band for your enjoyment. Come celebrate with us and feel like part of the Riviera family during your next holiday vacation.


hill in this modern lounge overlooking the river as you listen to tunes or turn it into a theater for you and your companions. Feel free to make use of our wide-screen high definition TV and DVD player if your temple plans get delayed from the weather. Or simply make it a great escape to dive into a book while peering out across the river.


ick back and socialize, or crack a cue ball with friends and new acquaintances in our pub lounge. With our bartender ready to serve your favorite drinks, you'll find this a great place to bring the gang and make new friends with people from all around the world.


eed to print, fax, or scan something? Laptop giving you a fit and need to send an e-mail? Our business center is available for your use. Feel free to ask our staff to assist you if you need help.


f you need a larger meeting room, or wish to hold an event, our Banquet Hall is just the right place having a capacity of 200 people, and featuring a large projector screen available for use. Please reserve with our staff. Click here.


ometimes vacation and business overlap and so our Executive Meeting Room is perfect for your team to facilitate a successful meeting during your trip. With a display, notepads, and furnished with a long table surrounded by comfortable office chairs, your meeting will be executed perfectly every time. Please reserve with our staff. Click here.


s you enter the lobby, among the flowers and native wooden furnishings and decor, you spot an empty soft-cushioned couch and find your feet in no time carrying you there. As your legs give way and the couch embraces you, your eyes are drawn over head to the carvings on the wall above the foyer depicting Angkor Wat and Ta Promh, lighted by a crystal chandelier.

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